1) What measurement does TurbanFlow use to cut fabric?
Answer: TurbanFlow cuts by the METER. A METER is equal to 39.3701 inches.
2) What type of fabric does TurbanFlow use?
Answer: T-Flow Threads (100% Cotton). T-Flow Threads is the finest engineered fabric that allows the design to stay intact. Additionally, T-Flow Threads is the common ground between Rubia and Full Voile.
3)  Does TurbanFlow supply for large scale events (i.e. weddings, birthdays, cultural events, etc.)?
Answer: Yes - for more information please contact us at theturbanflow@gmail.com
4) What is TurbanFlow's return policy?
Answer: We highly encourage buyers to make sure they are confident in their purchase. This includes confirming the requested size and pattern. If  you need any assistance or you are not satisfied with your purchase please contact us at ‘theturbanflow@gmail.com’ and a customer service representative will be in contact with you within 48 hours. All sales are final, however we do allow replacements if the buyer receives a defective product.
5) How to was your TurbanFlow turban?
Machine Wash
Step 1: Place turban in washing unit.
Step 2: If this is the first wash, please make sure that there are no other fabrics placed within this cycle.
Step 3: Set your washing unit to use COLD water.
Step 4: Add detergent. Please avoid using detergent that has bleach in it.
Step 5: Once the wash cycle is complete, use the air dry technique to dry your turban. An example of this would be placing the turban on a stairway rail.