About Us

For those who wear a crown upon their head, there comes a time where one’s sense of identity is tested. For us, that trial came on September 11, 2001, when we were given the choice to either i) adopt a more socially-acceptable appearance for the sake of our personal security or ii) maintain our Sikh identity and bear any harm that came our way.

In the end, we proudly chose to uphold our tradition and decided to go a step further and developed an initiative by which Sikhs could not only be seen, but shine.

With the introduction of printed turbans and unique apparel, TurbanFlow represents a vibrant push towards changing narratives.
Our Mission
Our mission at TurbanFlow is to motivate the masses to embrace their uniqueness.

Through encouraging individual self-expression, we invite our brothers and sisters to find their inner self-love and radiate that love into the world.

It is through this love that we can further transform current media narratives about the Sikh community and expand awareness for our rich and storied heritage.

Through transformation of the self, we achieve transformation of the collective.


Our Creed

Limited by only our mind
We subject ourselves within societal walls
Unaware that the door to uniqueness
Lies right in front of us.

Here at TurbanFlow, we motivate the mass
To go beyond these societal norms
And express oneself in the element of Flow. ​

For we see Flow,
As how you vibe with the world
And how you resonate within yourself.